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The path to becoming a proficient trader begins with your trading education. 

Looking for new trading strategies?

Learn how to trade the markets the Altos way, regardless of your experience level.

You'll discover the concepts, strategies, and mechanics that make our unique strategies successful.

Discover How to Reduce the Risk in Your Trading and Investing...

"This unique approach will transform your mindset from a beginner to a confident trader."

Imagine being able to solve perhaps the most challenging and frustrating aspect of trading.

The one variable that knocks many traders out of the game, blows up trading accounts, and ultimately leads to failure...even when you're doing everything else correctly.

This has nothing to do with timing the market or using computer algorithms to "beat" the market.

In fact, one of the main components of long-term success in trading is not what you might think…
In This Course You Will Discover…
  • Solving the "Trader's Dilemma" - We will explore a simple and effective technique for drastically reducing risk in a trade, without limiting the profit potential. This unique method is designed to help prevent winning trades from turning into losing trades, while opening the door to unlimited profit potential.
  • Mastering Money Management - A key factor that ultimately determines the effectiveness and long-term success of a system is trade management. There are many components that influence trade management including psychology, money management, diversification, position sizing, among others.
  • Scaling Out to Create "Risk-Free" Trades- Implementing conservative money management and equally weighted position sizing will allow you to stay in the game and reap the rewards of profitable trade opportunities. There are numerous methods available to lock in profits and reduce risk as a trade moves in the anticipated direction. You'll discover how to implement these in your trading.

    What Separates Winning Strategies from Losing Strategies?

    Ultimately, your trading strategy must have a positive expectancy to be successful.

    In this course, we reveal one of the most effective ways to achieve a positive expectancy by managing risk, increasing the percentage of winning trades, and letting your profits run.

    You will uncover one of the biggest challenges in trading referred to as the "Trader's Dilemma"...when to get out with your profits and avoid giving them back to the market.



    • How to write (sell) option contracts to generate income - Discover how to effectively sell options on equities and exchange traded funds (ETFs) to generate deposits into your brokerage account.
    • How to maximize potential gains by selecting specific strikes - Discover which contracts to sell to achieve higher profit potential. 
    • The TOP methods for turning losing trades into winners - When a trade moves against you, discover our top adjustment strategies that can mitigate losses and even turn a losing trade into a winner.
    • This priceless course is our way of leveling the playing field for ALL traders and investors.
    • The trade adjustments revealed provide a chance to not only overcome losses, but also generate even greater profit potential.
    • Knowing your odds to make money BEFORE placing a trade sure takes the guesswork out of the game.

      How to Fix Losing Options Trades, and Turn Them Into Winners!

      In This Course You Will Discover…
      Our Top Tips and Tricks for Adjusting Bad Options Trades!

      Most traders and investors rely on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or computer algorithms and indicators to help them make trading decisions.

      Unfortunately, despite doing your research, the market frequently throws curve balls and can suddenly turn on you at any time.

      Now here's the good news...even when a trade doesn’t work out as intended, it doesn’t have to be an inevitable loss.

      A few simple tweaks can often save the trade, and either mitigate a loss or even result in greater profit potential.



      How to Win 97% of Your Options Trades

      Options Selling Can Be an Effective Way to Generate Income Without Owning Shares of Stock...

      But certain methods tend to be more consistent than others.
      And consistency is truly the "holy grail" of trading.

      This course reveals how selling options, versus buying them, can have a higher probability of success.

      Additionally, when things don't go as planned, trade management and the ability to make critical adjustments to your trades can drastically improve your results.
      In This Course You Will Discover…
      • How to write (sell) option contracts to generate income - Discover how to effectively sell options premium on equities and exchange traded funds (ETFs) to generate deposits into your brokerage account.
      • How to maximize potential gains by selecting specific strikes - Discover how to sell Put premium and stack the odds in your favor.
      • 3 Highly Effective Methods for Turning Losing Trades into Winners - Occasionally a trade will move against you. When this occurs, there are three highly effective adjustments you can implement that have the potential to mitigate losses and even turn a losing trade into a winner.
      • The Complete Strategy - We reveal the correct way to enter the trade and precisely what to do if a trade moves against you.

        Uncover our top techniques that allow you to trade options with a very high degree of accuracy.

        This strategy is designed to provide weekly deposits into your brokerage account.



        Our Top Options, Stock and Forex Strategies...
        Revealed by Award-Winning Expert Trader, Jeff Tompkins

        Having a solid foundation is crucial to your trading success.

        But most traders and investors get frustrated and quit before they really get started.

        To help solve that problem, we've compiled our top training modules into a comprehensive course with all the basics...from setting up your account, configuring your charts, and implementing our very best trading strategies.

        "Learning How to Trade Like a Professional Doesn't Have to Be Difficult & Confusing. The Journey Should Be Both Fun & Rewarding!"

        About the Author:

        Jeff Tompkins is a successful stock, options, and futures trader with over 24 years of experience trading the markets. He enjoys helping others achieve freedom by reaching their financial goals through trading.

        He has a B.S. in Finance from Santa Clara University with a focus in financial markets and investments. He has successfully completed a trader internship with Morgan Stanley and is now an award-winning hedge fund manager.

        Jeff currently serves as the President and Chief Investment Strategist of Altos Trading, LLC. He trades the markets for a living and has a proven arsenal of highly effective trading strategies at his disposal.

        Jeff's goal is to teach these strategies to those striving to achieve consistent and reliable results in their trading and investing.


        with Over 9.5 Hours of our Best Strategies

        Easy To Follow Trading Strategies for Stocks, Options and Forex.  Available Online, Watch Anytime!

          Professional Trading Series 
          9-Module Training System

          In This Course You Will Discover...
          • ​Square One - How to open up an account, download the ThinkorSwim platform, setup your charts & use our TradeTracker Spreadsheet
          • ​Put Writer Strategy - 16 lessons covering our most consistent strategy, including trade adjustments
          • Iron Condor Strategy - 24 lessons take a deep dive into the Iron Condor - A proven strategy for a wide array of market environments
          • Diagonal Collar Strategy - Discover how to incorporate both equities and options into your trades. With the Diagonal Collar you'll uncover how to setup low-risk trades in this exciting 14 lesson series
          • Options Income Machine - Learn the options strategy that is like a dividend strategy on steroids!  Includes more than 90 minutes of training geared to get your Options Income Machine up and running in no time
          • Stock Market Blueprint - Master the markets and strategies that lead to successful stock trading in any market condition
          • How to Protect Your Trades -  Market corrections are always around the corner. Learn to protect your portfolio with these simple tricks that help avoid catastrophic losses and turn those events into big opportunities
          • The Complete Guide to Online Stock Trading - Discover how to find stocks that are about to skyrocket in this incredible 22-module course
          • And much more...

          Price Action Pivots Workshop...

          In This 2-Day Workshop You Will Discover…
          • How to Use Price Action to Forecast Trend Direction -Discover how to effectively identify potential trend reversals using only a simple price chart and price action.
          • The 5-Candlestick Pattern - Discover how to apply current price action to determine whether a new trend may be starting, without using any lagging indicators.
          • How to Set Entry, Profit Target and Stop-Loss Levels - Discover the formula that tells you exactly where to get in and where to get out of a trade, without any guesswork.
          • The Complete Strategy - We reveal the correct way to enter the trade and apply the strategy to any market and any timeframe.
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            Dr. Timothy T.
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            Not one trade in the past 90 days had ended up in a loss. Thanks for making trading fun & profitable!"
            Randall B. 
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            After having demo traded for nearly two months I'm now happy to go live."
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            the benefits of consistent monthly income."
            J. Thomas
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