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So… I’ve been trading options for over 20 years.

I’ve seen markets go up and markets go down.

Even had a front row seat at the computerized trading boom of recent years.

And while it may look complex, it really boils down to a few elements. The most important of these is time - that is - how long until the options expire.

If the options expire on the same week, many traders assume the prices won’t move up or down very much. This causes options contracts to get incredibly cheap in the final five days before they expire.

When prices get this low, the slightest bit of news... a surprise earnings report, a political bombshell, or a COVID headline can spook the market. And when this happens, the market over-reacts.

This can send the price of the options contracts (the ones we bought cheap) soaring.

Often, this works out to double- or triple-digit trading wins in this final week before options expiration. 

What does this mean for you?

Lower option prices translate into fewer dollars at risk - and greater leverage on winning trades.

That's right. When options are this cheap, it only takes a very small move in the underlying stock to send your options sky-high.

And when you're in and out in less than a week, long-term market direction is no longer important, and you can bank some huge, annualized gains…

Like my subscribers recently did when they scored a 263% gain on Five Below (FIVE).

You could’ve purchased 100 options contracts and walked away with a profit of $2,500 in 8 days!
Or when they had the chance to grab another 414% gain on the Energy ETF (XLE).

An investment of 100 options could’ve turned into $6,400 in 13 days.

Or take a look at how this Iron Condor trade generated a 606% annualized gain on the S&P 500 (SPX).

An investment of 100 options, could’ve turned into $10,100 in 14 days.

Add it all up, and you’re looking at three
trades – $19,000 in profits.

And that’s DESPITE all the market volatility!

It just goes to show that Iron Condor Trading  is by far the most reliable way to make big money you’ll ever see.
To celebrate our remarkable success this year, we’d like to offer you a spot in our upgraded VIP Membership.

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Iron Condor Trading VIP Membership.

With this elite-level membership, you’ll get my best ideas on how to potentially double your money every week – and your account will be automatically upgraded to “Lifetime” status.

That means you’ll have a life-long guide to show you how to use the most advanced trading options strategies every week, every month, and every year for as long as you want.

Why am I doing this?

Look, I’ve spent my career in options…

I’ve traded the raging bull 90s, the Y2K tech boom and bust, the 2007 “Great Recession,” and of course the Covid-19 market crash.

I have seen the magic that happens when an investor learns to harness the power of trading – instead of going to bed each night praying the markets don’t take a nosedive.

Imagine breathing a long, slow sigh of relief as your brokerage account fills up with the profits of Iron Condor trades each week.

Look, I’ve made my money. And now I want to share the life-changing power of options with as many investors as I can.

Here are some of my recent winning Iron
Condor recommendations…

An investment of 10 options contracts in each of these recommendations (including losses) would have been worth $10,590.

Up the stake to 100 options, and that would be worth over $105,900.

If that's not a great way to play the stock market, I don't know what is.

Keep in mind, each of these MASSIVE returns could have been made in just a few weeks.

Now of course, nothing is guaranteed and past performance doesn't mean future results.

But to have a shot at this many winners? That’s simply unheard of.

Look, this is your one chance to make sure your portfolio is primed to take advantage of the current market climate – and you'll be shocked at how little it costs to join us for LIFE!

Every week, our Iron Condor Trading members target triple-digit wins with the hottest new trade to get you in and out of the market fast.

What do you get with your VIP upgrade?

With my weekly Trade Alerts, you can get in on the best new trade opportunities, while limiting your exposure to 14 days or less on average.

We provide complete entry instructions, as well as commentary and charts directly from myself and my top traders.

You’ll know exactly what to do, and why every trade is primed for maximum profit.

And you can claim your share of the wealth by grabbing one of the VIP spots now.

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My newest trade – the one I've handpicked for its potential to make big moves by next week – will be released Thursday night, at 7:00 p.m. ET.

You do NOT want to miss out and regret watching your potential payday fly out the window.

So if you’re serious about taking advantage of these profit opportunities, I urge you to act now.
To your wealth,
Jeff Tompkins
Chief Investment Strategist
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