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Please Review the Important Information Below Regarding this Special Offer...

Hi, Jeff Tompkins here, and I want to thank you for being a loyal member of my tribe.

As a member you’ve been granted a very special opportunity to receive…

12-15 Trade Alerts Per Month from THREE of our TOP PERFORMING option alert services  –

Including Put Writer Alerts, Credit Spread 
and Iron Condor Alerts, and 
Weekly Options on Futures Alerts.
In fact, if you've followed any of these three alert services, you recently had the opportunity to get in early on an astounding number of winning recommendations, including…
Put Writer Trade Alerts: 19-of-19 winning recommendations (100% win-rate)…

Iron Condor & Credit Spread Alerts: 14-of-17 winning recommendations (82% win-rate), and…

Weekly Options on Futures: 10-of-12 winning recommendations (83% win-rate)
Each one targets specific trading strategies designed to maximize your profit potential 
and minimize your losses.

And together they form a complete solution to thrive in today’s uncertain markets.

I’ve spent over 20 years creating these strategies, and the results speak for themselves.

In fact, an investment of just 10 contracts in my Put Writer and Iron Condor/Credit Spread recommendations this year would be worth $15,885!

Take a moment to consider the positive impact that could have on your portfolio.

Imagine being given the chance, every single month, to take part in trades like:

Put Writer: $700 winner on DR Horton (DHI), $650 on Docusign (DOCU), and $480 on Micron Technology (MU) (*based on 10 contracts)

Iron Condor & Credit Spreads: $300 winner on Nvidia (NVDA), $310 on United States Oil (USO), and $220 on the Russell 2000 small cap index (IWM). (*based on 10 contracts)

Weekly Options on Futures: $3,000 payday on Gold Futures (GC), $2,800 on Crude Oil futures (CL), and $950 on Nasdaq-100 futures (NQ). (*based on 10 contracts)

Now keep in mind, these are just a handful of my CLOSED recommendations.

But what you’ve experienced so far is nothing compared to what I’m going to give you now.

I’ve Authorized for You to Receive the
Altos Options Trade Alert Bundle Package at 
a MASSIVE Discount

Right now, if you upgrade to my Options Trade Alert Bundle Package…

Not only will you get an average of 140 new trade alerts in the next year – you’ll also save 45% off what other members are required to pay.

Remember, the regular retail price for one year of these services adds up to…
Put Writer Option Alerts ($1,177/yr)
Iron Condor & Credit Spread Option Alerts ($997/yr)
Weekly Options on Futures Alerts ($1,495/yr)

Total Value: $3,669/yr
To subscribe individually to everything that’s included in the Options Trade Alert Bundle 
would normally cost $3,669 a year.

But since you are one of my loyal followers, we are giving you a special 45% discounted rate.

And if you act now (at the bottom of this page), you can claim a special “lifetime upgrade” and lock-in this savings every year for life.

My goal is to turn YOU into an expert trader, so that YOU can be successful by following 
my research and recommendations.

My Options Trade Alert Bundle Package grants you unlimited access to ALL of them so that you get:

Every trade recommendation…

Every adjustment alert…

Every live weekly training session…

Every members-only video…

You’ll never miss out on a new opportunity. And you’re always going to be a few steps ahead of most other retail traders.

So this is a way for you to follow an award-winning hedge fund manager’s top-3 option trade alert strategies in real-time.

But here’s what’s really exciting…

As I just mentioned, this 45% savings will be locked in for as long as you remain a member, whether 
that’s one, two, five-years or longer.

It’s a Lifetime upgrade to everything I’ve listed above (which I’m about to describe in detail).

And unlike most new members, you’ll never have to pay the total of $3,669.

Never again.

I’ll get to that shortly.

But first I want to take a few moments to introduce you to the Options Trade Alert Bundle services 
plus the benefits you will have available to you as a new member…

My Put Writer Options Alert Service allows you to score some serious results with an average hold time of 15 days… simply by “Selling Puts” 
to bearish traders.

Let me show you our incredible results from our closed positions in 2023:

These results are based on selling 10 contracts per trade, and they are REAL numbers.
An astonishing 100% win-rate for our closed positions. 
And the system couldn't be more simple to learn or implement…

Simply watch for my Put Writer Trade Alert email with the "trade instructions”…

Place one trade… Collect your Option Premium and wait for the contracts to expire.

With Put Writer Trading, you're able to get in early on 4-6 new trade opportunities each month, while limiting your exposure by holding an average of 15 days.

Plus, you’ll discover…

• How to write option contracts to generate income
• How to maximize your income potential by selling the highest probability contracts
• Plus 3 highly effective methods to turn losing trades into potential winners

My Put Writer Alert Service normally costs $1,177 for a one-year term.

But by joining the Options Trade Alert Bundle Package, you’ll be upgraded to a Lifetime Discount Membership where this fee won’t apply to you.

However this is just the start. Your new trading bundle also includes:
The Iron Condor and Credit Spread service targets 100% to 200% annualized gains on each trade, with an average of 4-5 recommendations each month. 

Take a look at the track-record from 2023…

We’ve seen a stunning win-rate of 82%

Now of course, nothing is guaranteed and past performance doesn't mean future results. But you can see from the track records my readers have had the opportunity for gains like this over and over again.

Trading with Iron Condors & Credit Spreads offers you limited risk, lower exposure, and higher profit potential like nothing you’ve seen.

Here’s what to expect with this service…
1. Around 7 p.m. ET every Thursday – we send you the hottest trade opportunity for the next day... straight to your email inbox.

2. Each pick comes with complete entry parameters, as well as trade commentary, so you'll know why the trade is poised to deliver results in only a couple weeks.

3. Place the trade when the markets reopen on Friday morning, then sit back and wait for the Options to expire based on the specific parameters included with each recommendation.

But that’s not all!

The Options Trade Alert Bundle Package also includes…
My Weekly Options on Futures Forecast will uncover an average of two new opportunities for you each month. That's 24 a year.

Take a look at our initial results:

Here’s what to expect with my Weekly Options on Futures Forecast…
1. I will be scanning the markets for any new trade opportunities every single week.

2. I'll do my own analysis and find the #1 options on futures opportunity that has the best potential for success. On average, we expect to find two of these high-probability opportunities per month, depending on market conditions.

3. Finally, I'll send you a text message alert once I spot a new opportunity. This includes exact instructions on how to act on the alert… the exact setup, what trade to make…so you are able to book wins when we hit the profit target.

Now, from everything I’ve just shared with you today I think you’d agree that…

The Options Trade Alert Bundle Package is Powerful.

Some quick math will show you how special this opportunity can be.

Every year you will receive an average of…
- 52 Put Writer Trade Alerts: 4-5 new recommendations each month (average of 52 a year), while limiting your exposure by holding a month or less.

- 52 Iron Condor Trade Alerts: 4-5 new recommendations each month (average of 52 per year), with an average hold time of just 16 days. Plus…

- 24 Weekly Options on Futures recommendations that will uncover an average of TWO new opportunities each month.
In addition, I provide you with complete entry instructions, as well as commentary and annotated charts.

So you’ll know exactly what to do, and why every trade is primed for maximum profit.

Now of course, not EVERY trade will be successful, but we will use strict risk parameters and
adjustments when necessary.
In addition, you will have access to:

- Live sessions every Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern Time.

- Member’s area access for replays and recorded video training sessions, and…

- Full support & personal coaching from me.

But you have to act right now.

There Are Only 50 Options Trade Alert Bundle Upgrades
Available Today, and I’ve Set Aside One For You!

We keep the number of our memberships very limited on purpose.

We want to make sure every member is given all of the tools and resources they need. So we only open up enrollment a few times a year.

Today, I’m opening up 50 slots. When these 50 are gone, that’s it.

Fortunately, there’s still room for you to join.

You can secure your upgraded membership to my 
Options Trade Alert Bundle Package (a $3,669 total value), 
for the unprecedented low-rate of just $1,997.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

However, I must stress this point again… you have to act right now.

We only have 50 spaces available today.

The Options Trade Alert Bundle Package is for a small circle of people who want to step forward 
to join a bold venture.

And according to what our subscribers have to say, it shouldn't take too long to recoup that modest membership fee.

I've meticulously selected
my Top-3 options trading strategies to
give you the best possible chance of success.

And now it’s at your fingertips.

When you click the “Yes” button below, you will be directed to the order page where you can lock in your annual membership at only $1,997, that’s a 45% savings each year for the rest of your life.

So are you with me?

Don’t wait another moment.

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To Your Success,
Jeff Tompkins
Chief Investment Strategist
Altos Trading, LLC

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  • Simple: Trades take less than 20 minutes per week to execute & manage
  • Effective: We use methods that work in all markets
  • Consistent: 85% average win-rate including trade adjustments
  • Fast: Average holding period just 15 days
  • Ample: 2-3 open trades at a time, per strategy
  • Convenient: Alerts sent after market hours
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