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Since October 2015, I’ve been using
a secret trading strategy to deliver
286 winning trade recommendations
to my most elite readers with
0 net losses – I repeat, ZERO net losses.

Hi, Jeff Tompkins here, and to be clear, about 85% of these trades were closed at the initial credit, and then for about 15% of them, we implement something I call “trade adjustments”.

And the cool thing is a lot of times those adjustments increase the profit in the trade.

Take a look at my results
from 2016-2020…

A trade of 10 contracts in each of these recommendations could be worth over
$116,000 today.

These gains are based on selling 10 contracts and they are REAL numbers.

An incredible success rate… with an average holding time around 15 days.

Take a look at these results from 2021, my readers had the chance to stay undefeated with 35 more wins…

As you can see, in 2021, we had another 35 wins and ZERO net losses (including two trade adjustments).

A trade of 10 contracts in each of these recommendations could be worth $17,050 today!

And it’s all thanks to my proprietary Put Writer Trading strategy.

Having worked in this industry for 20+ years, I can tell you without a doubt this is the greatest achievement of my career.

And that’s why we’re celebrating today.

Because I’ve created a new system that completely takes the guesswork out of trading, and now I want to share it with YOU.

And the system couldn't be easier…

Simply watch for my Put Writer Trade Alert to send you an email with the "buy signal”…

Place one trade…

And cash out with your profits when you see the “sell signal.”

In a moment, I’ll explain all the details, but first I know you might be thinking…

So, how do we get such consistent results?

It’s all thanks to secret trading strategy most investors will never know…

It’s called Selling Put options, not buying them, also referred to as “Selling Premium.”

When you “Sell-to-Open” a Put Option, you are essentially playing the role of the “Casino.”

The pros on Wall Street call this “Writing Puts” – and it means you can make profits even if the underlying stock stays stagnant or moves against you.

And unlike buying Call options, Writing Put options gives you a margin of error if the stock falls instead of rising.

As you probably know, a Call option loses value as time passes. It's called time decay. The longer you hold an option, the more time decay eats into your premium – and thus your profits.

By when you Write a Put option, you are not only making money if the underlying stock rises, but you are also putting time decay, which is the biggest threat to buyers of Call options, in your favor.

So we’ll be selling Put options to these “gamblers” who are betting the stock will go down.

If they are wrong and the stock rises, you can keep the money they paid you for the put option if it expires Out-Of-The-Money (OTM).

But if the gambler is correct and the stock falls, you could potentially suffer a loss. That’s just how it works in trading.

And as a twenty-year veteran trader and fund manager, I know how just one losing trade can wipe out ALL of the gains from your winners.

You see, traditional options strategies only show you what to do with a winning trade. They don’t actually help you if your options trade goes the wrong way.

And I’m no exception to that…

I started trading options back in 1999,
and although I had some successes,
I had a lot of failures as well.

When I first started, I would put on a trade, and I might have an idea of where I wanted to get out if the trade worked well.

But if it didn't, I never really had had any other backup plan. And that was really harmful to my trading account.

It really took me over a decade to kind of figure things out to where I could trade options on it with consistent results.

As I began to learn different ways to adjust options trades, I started to see a real dramatic difference in my overall results.

And this strategy is totally different because it’s based on an investing secret most people don’t know about…

I’ve created a secret “trade adjustment” technique that can help ANYBODY turn losing trades into winners.

When you’re trading options, there’s always a risk of occasional losses. It's a cost of doing business in the trading world.

But we want to minimize those as much as possible.

The good news:  Most losses can be avoided and even turned into profitable trades by making a few simple tweaks to the trade.

The single biggest difference between amateur traders and professional traders is
the ability to adjust losing trades.

If I'm going to put a trade on – whether it's in my hedge fund for my clients or for myself and my personal trading account…

I never put it on unless I can make an adjustment to the trade that can improve the results.  

For example, I recently did a Put Writer Trading adjustment where we issued an alert to sell a Put on the S&P 500 index (SPX).

Unfortunately, shortly after this trade was issued, the SPX started to drop and it actually breached the strike puts, leaving 10 contracts with a potential loss of $3,900.

But here's the good news…

The adjustment technique I’ll show you allowed our members to close the Put option for $240 per contract, turning that $3,900 loss into a $2,400 winner for every 10 contracts traded.

And remember it’s all scalable, so if you were trading 100 contracts, you could’ve turned a $39,000 loss into a $24,000 WIN.

That’s an incredible turnaround, and it’s ONLY possible because of the special “adjustment” in the Put Writer Trading strategy.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Why don't all traders take advantage of this?

It's simple, really. Most traders don't have the time, tools, or motivation to spot these lucrative plays in time to take advantage of them.

After all, most people have better things to do than sit at their computer watching the market all day, watching for a single hot trade getting ready to take off.

That's where my team and I come in. We actually do spend all day, every day looking for these overnight trade opportunities.

We use our proprietary tools and technology, along with my 20+ years of options-specific experience, to spot equities that are ready to make big moves, right now.

If you want the chance to double your money up to SIX times each month, then please
claim your VIP upgrade now.

Don’t let this moneymaking potential pass you by.

What do you get with your VIP upgrade?

With Put Writer Trade Alerts, you're able to get in early on 4-6 money-doubling or money-tripling trades each month, while limiting your exposure by holding a month or less.

We provide complete entry instructions, as well as commentary and charts directly from myself and my top traders.

You’ll know exactly what to do, and why every trade is primed for maximum profit.

And you can do just that when you accept your Put Writer Trading VIP Upgrade.

When you do, you’ll have uninterrupted access to every trading opportunity I ever send out with this research service. Plus, you’ll discover…

•    How to write option contracts to create income
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So you’ll never be left out of the chance to make big, fast money week after week – for as long as you choose!

Make no mistake: This VIP membership is the ultimate chance to make more money faster than you ever thought possible.

And you DO NOT want to be caught unprepared, and watch your potential payday fly out the window!

If you'd like to harness the enormous profit potential of writing Put options for safe consistent “paychecks”,  I'll need to hear from you very soon, so we can be sure you're on the list to receive these hot trades the moment they are released!

Trade Like a Pro, Starting as Early as Next Week!

Right now, I’ve got my eye on up to SIX new trades in that are poised to skyrocket if all goes according to plan.

The Put Writer Trade Alerts are delivered to your inbox like clockwork, and collecting gains is so easy, anyone can do it.

There's not a single thing more to think about...

You just sit back, relax, and collect your profits in 15 days or less.

As a select VIP Member, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage this incredible trading strategy every month for LIFE (and it costs $1,200 less than most members will pay for a single year membership).

How much does a VIP subscription cost?

Typically, a one-year membership to Put Writer Trading is $149 a month – or $1,788 per year.

That’s how much most members are happily paying right now.

But as a special offer to select Altos insiders only,
I'm offering a full Lifetime subscription at
no additional cost.

So if you join in time to receive Monday’s new trades, you’ll do so at the reduced rate of just $49 per month – or $588 per year.

In short, you pay once, and we’ll be giving you a lifetime 68% discount.

That’s it.

I want to make it a no-brainer for you to claim this Lifetime VIP upgrade now because we're seriously excited about the profitable trade opportunities we're releasing!

And I’m sure you’d agree this $1,200 discount per year is quite a deal. And that’s just for one year…

Just think after five years, you’ll have saved $6,000, and after 10 years your savings will stack up to $12,000 off what others are paying.
Look, the bottom line is I know you don’t want to miss out on this.

Remember, you’re only getting this deal because of your loyalty as an Altos Trading reader.

You'll receive up to SIX new Put WriterTrade Alerts each month – until you tell us to stop sending them your way… even if that's 5 years, 10 years, or longer!

And you’ll keep saving $1,200 per year for as long as you choose.

But if you’re serious about taking advantage of these profit opportunities, I urge you to act now while there are a few spots remaining.

To secure your new Put Writer trades simply click here.

You may never see an invitation like this again.

So don’t wait another moment.


Happy Trading!
Jeff Tompkins
Chief Investment Strategist
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