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Is There A Secret “One-Degree Edge” That Determines Winning Trades from Losers?

What I’m about to reveal might be shocking to most investors.

But after working my butt off to land an internship at the trading desk of Morgan Stanley…

After spending over 20 years as a trader and investor…

And now as a successful Hedge Fund manager, trading over 7-figures on a regular basis…

I’m now sharing the TRUTH…

About How Relative Strength in the Stock
Market REALLY Works.

My name is Jeff Tompkins, and the reason I’ve been so successful has nothing to do with my connections or any other type of special treatment.

In fact I got my start in the markets with just a $5,000 account and worked my way up to trading a 7-figure account. Thanks in part to…

This Little-Known Secret

Do you know there is a way to gain the extra one-degree trading edge that can put you ahead of some of the best traders and investors in the world?

Here’s another way to look at this…

When water heats up to 211 degrees, it’s just standing still.

But when it heats up just one-extra degree to 212, it starts boiling and creates enough steam to power a huge locomotive train down the tracks.

Imagine if you could do the same thing with your investing strategy…

I realize that may sound a bit outlandish but give me 60 seconds and I’ll prove it.

The key to figuring out which stocks are outperforming the market is called my…

"Relative Strength Formula"

Now there are many ways to gauge the strength of an asset, whether it's a stock or an ETF or a futures contract. Whatever you're trading there's some degree of relative strength involved with that security.

Most traders or investors use what's called the relative strength index or the RSI. This is kind of the standard indicator that is used in the industry to gauge the strength of an asset.

Typically, an RSI reading of 30 means oversold and undervalued. A reading of 70 means overbought and overvalued.

And a lot of people consider that an opportunity to either exit a long trade or look for a short opportunity. Because it may tell us that the security is prime for a trend reversal or correction.

I can certainly tell you a lot of my hedge fund colleagues and professional money managers actually use this indicator, it's very widely used in the professional trading and investing world.

But I was surprised to discover there are TWO MAJOR Problems with the traditional RSI

Here’s Problem #1: Trying to “Time” the market

That really is the truth for ALL of us. When you see the RSI at 30 or 70, you might think it’s 
a foregone conclusion the stock MUST turn around by tomorrow.

But that’s not always the case, and you could get burned!

Even some of the larger funds out there can run into trouble when they are speculating 
on a trend reversal, and that’s certainly happened a lot in the past few years.

I know a number of my hedge fund colleagues were completely wiped out due to margin calls in the Covid-19 market crash in 2020.

And I know many professional money managers that got burned when the Fed started raising rates in 2022.

Let me show you an example…

This is a daily chart of Tesla, one of the hottest stocks in the market last year. You'll 
notice I've got the RSI indicator plotted at the bottom of the chart.
The overbought and oversold levels are marked on the right side, so 30 being oversold and 70 being overbought.

Now, remember this indicator can't go above 100 and can't go below 0.

In October, something interesting happened – the RSI went above 70.

Based on the traditional interpretation of the RSI, it told us Tesla was overbought.

Many “professionals” started buying massive Put options on TSLA .

But as the RSI continued to print readings above 70 – the stock did the opposite and took off like a rocket.

Unfortunately, the RSI gave us a false signal that Tesla was in overbought territory.

Meanwhile, the stock continued to go up, and not just go up, it launched into the stratosphere.

That’s why the little-known secret I’ll be revealing today can be a VERY important factor when looking at your trading options.

Now Here's Problem #2…

The RSI Indicator Only Measures the Current Strength of a Stock Relative to its Past Price.

It's basically telling us the strength of a stock relative to its price in the past.

But by then it's too late.

So if the RSI is going to give us lagging information, you can see what kind of problem that creates.

And it's only going to get harder for us to predict what will happen in the coming months…

But Here's the Good News:
I've Discovered a Solution.

After over a decade of struggling with the traditional RSI approach, I had a life-changing epiphany…

I discovered a simple, 4-step formula to get that 1 extra degree in my trading results.

This is the same chart we looked at earlier, but now I've got the formula applied on our chart.
I kept the RSI up at the bottom of the chart. You can see the blue circle, where it told us NOT to get into the stock because it was “overbought”.

The new and improved RSI formula told me on a very specific day – that Tesla was a screaming BUY.  

Over the next few months, the stock went up It went up an astounding 1,868%.

This is the one-degree difference we're looking for. Because the formula gave us advanced warning BEFORE the stock really took-off!

It was shocking how I could take a losing system like the traditional RSI… and start giving it the steam to spot the next stock ready to explode!
And today I’d like to share this strategy with YOU.

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Do you know there is a way to gain the extra one-degree trading edge that has the potential to put you ahead of some of the best traders and investors in the world? Learn how it works with my Relative Strength Formula.
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