TradeTrend Indicator

The TradeTrend© Signal Software was created by Jeff Tompkins, President of Altos Trading.

Jeff invented a proprietary formula that provides entry and exit signals for stocks, futures and forex – up to THREE days before the move happens.

In fact, this breakthrough software allows investors and traders to predict new trends in ANY market.

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Every Other Trading System or Indicator in the World that I’m Aware of
is Based on “Lagging” Data.

That means it measures results AFTER a stock makes the big move.  

By then, it’s already too late.

So even though investors know a stock has gone up...

It’s a complete gamble if the stock will keep climbing or suddenly reverse direction.

And Jeff knew most folks lose money trading because they don't know WHEN to get out of the trade!

This is what he calls the "Trader’s Dilemma."

One of the biggest challenges in trading is knowing when to capture your profits, and avoid giving back your gains to the market.

So he thought, wouldn't it be great if I could put this into some kind of a trade signal that could predict moves BEFORE they happen?

All he needed was a formula that could pinpoint three converging signals of ANY stock in ANY timeframe.

That’s when he met a Ph.D. computer scientist from Germany that helped make his dream a reality.

Together, they created a forward-looking, adaptable signal technology that became a real gamechanger in the financial world.

They started programming real-time momentum, price action, and volatility studies on over 5,000 stocks.  

They built profiles of every stock going back to 1873, at the dawn of the stock market.

They ran back testing, stress testing, and we really put it through the ringer.

Altogether, they had to use over 500 lines of code.

And because it can adapt to real-time market conditions, the system cannot be duplicated.

How Does It Work?

TradeTrend© helps traders stay on the right side of the market and momentum for both long and short positions using daily and intraday time frames.

Momentum trading is a technique in which traders make decisions according to the strength of recent price trends.

Price momentum in trading is similar to momentum in physics, where mass multiplied by velocity determines the likelihood that an object will continue on its path.

Here's a different way to think about this…

Imagine You're Playing Baseball, You're Up at Bat, and You Want to Hit a Homerun

As the Pitcher releases the ball, the momentum pushes it towards you at nearly 100 miles per hour.  

But hitting a baseball is widely-known to be the hardest thing to do in sports.
Armed with a wooden stick, you have less than a quarter of a second to see the pitch, judge it’s speed and location, decide what to do, and then swing.

Physics has a lot to do with it too…

The instant you hit a 100 mph fastball, the sheer force of 8,000 pounds makes the ball launch at 150 mph.

The momentum pushing the ball forward is able to overpower the air resistance and the force of gravity that is trying to pull the same ball down.

In physics, it’s the tendency of an object to keep moving the same direction.

The same thing happens with stocks.

When the buyers outnumber the sellers, the force pushing the stock up becomes far stronger than the gravity pulling it down.

It becomes that homerun ball.

To put it simply…

What Jeff Has Invented is the Most
Advanced Trading Indicator Ever

He wanted to create something so easy that even a brand-new investor who never bought a stock could do it.

So he created a system based on green and red warning signals.

Simply watch for the arrow to turn green (or red). Then place one simple trade.
When the green circle appears, that's the “buy signal” – and it’s time to GET IN.

When the momentum of a stock begins to slow down, a red arrow appears – and when the red circle comes up, it’s time to SELL.

As long as you see the arrow…

There’s the opportunity for big profits in the next few days or weeks.

Take a look at the system in action…
While most investors are sitting on the sidelines praying for the market to turn around, you don’t have to.

TradeTrend helps you get in early – whether the market is going up, down, or sideways.

That way, you don't have to stay up at night worried if your trades are going to crash.

Let’s look at the baseball example again…

When the batter hits the ball – you know the momentum has changed, but you don’t know for sure where it will land.

But TradeTrend helps you navigate the murky waters.

As momentum picks up or slows down, it adapts to the changing market conditions.

And it makes it possible to capture multiple windfalls from a single stock.

Here's what a few of Jeff’s students are saying:

Very impressive results! Well done! Thanks for helping us little guys with small accounts who dream of growing our accounts over time.

-J. Thomas

TradeTrend is an excellent indicator. One of the most powerful indicators I have used. I use this indicator for my GBP pairs on forex and Bitcoin.

-R. Julien

How refreshing to have someone produce a product that does what it says. I thought it was too good to be true at first but you have proven me wrong. Thanks and keep up the good work.


First of all I wanted to thank you for providing such a first class alert service. It’s really the ONLY one that delivers on promise and I’ve tried a few. After having demo traded for nearly two months I’m now happy to go live.


I’ve been involved with lots of software testing. TradeTrend seems to do exactly as it says on the tin and so far I could find some nice setups.

-Alan M.

Once you try TradeTrend, it can change your trading too!

After 11 Years of Refinement, This Proprietary
Signal Software is Finally Available to
Everyday Investors Like You.

Trade Like A Pro with TradeTrend©

•    Accurate Signals: Tells you when to Buy or Sell up to THREE days in advance of the move.
•    Easy to Implement: Simply Buy on a Green Arrow and Sell on a Red Arrow!
•    Trade Multiple Markets: Works with Stocks, Futures and FOREX
•    No Guesswork: Exact Entry & Exit Signals Including Stop Loss Placement
•    Timeframe: Generates signals on any time interval you choose
•    Back testing: See a stock’s historical data before you trade
"Thank you so much for the excellence and attention to detail in doing what you do. My ultimate hope is to LEARN HOW to do this for myself at some point. I'm very glad to be able to participate in what you are doing. This year should be a real game-changer for my family. THANK YOU!"
Paul S.
"Thank you so much for your help making dollars and sense! Hey, that would be a great tag line for my humble opinion. It’s not original, but captures exactly what you do for us!"
Jim L.
"First of all I wanted to thank you for providing such a first class alert service. It's really the ONLY one that delivers on promise and I've tried a few.
After having demo traded for nearly two months I'm now happy to go live."
Cris P.
"Very impressive results! Well done! Thanks for helping us little guys with small accounts who dream of growing our accounts over time and reaping
the benefits of consistent monthly income."
J. Thomas
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