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Jeff Tompkins
Chief Investment Strategist
Altos Trading, LLC

I want to thank you for being a loyal subscriber.
This has been the first step in a thrilling and rewarding journey.

However, it’s nothing compared to the BIG opportunity I’m going to give you now.

History’s most successful investors like Peter Thiel and Warren Buffet surround themselves with the best experts and systems that can deliver them the “direct from the source” strategies.

With that in mind, I have something exciting to tell you…

I’ve Authorized a $21,367
VIP Upgrade to Your Membership

As you may know, Altos Trading offers 5 trading research services and 3 proprietary trading indicators.

Each targets specific trading strategies designed to maximize your profit potential and minimize your risk. And the results speak for themselves…

In 2023, members of my trading services 
were rewarded with 209 winning 
trade recommendations.

That’s an average of 17 massive opportunities 
each month, every month…
all year.

Take a moment to consider the positive impact that could have on your portfolio.

Imagine being given the chance, every single week, to take part in trades like:
That’s the kind of profit potential we’re talking about here.

Now let me ask you…

What would you do with extra cash like that?

Pay off some bills? Take a nice vacation with your kids or grandkids? Buy a classic car?

How about all three?
Or how about putting some of that new-found money into your retirement account… hanging it up early… and having more in your nest egg than you ever expected?

When you have VIP Access to a hedge fund manager like I’ll show you today – the possibilities are endless.

I’ve set aside a seat at the table for 
you in our newest venture:
The VIP Inner Circle

It’s something Altos Trading readers have been asking us to create for years now…

A turn-key service that gives you ALL our trade alerts, training courses, proprietary indicators, technical analysis tools, even personal mentorship with me.

So exactly what is happening here?

And why am I only now offering it to you?

I’ll be very blunt with you.

It’s taken me over 20 years to gain impeccable credentials, discover new patterns in the markets, and refine a wide-range of trading strategies and indicators.

I’ve now helped over 50,000 students in over 100 countries across the globe become more proficient traders.

And it’s only possible because I’m in the trenches working the markets every day.

Running daily scans of over 5000 stocks, ETFs, and futures.

Battling day after day to uncover the very best opportunities – FOR YOU.

And that’s the opportunity I want to offer you today – a seat at the table and access to everything.

Now, I need to stress…

The VIP Inner Circle is not for just anyone.

Of all the opportunities you'll see, not a single one will in anyway resemble a "buy-and-hold" recommendation.

In fact, the average hold time is just 15 days.

With The VIP Inner Circle, you receive every recommendation from five of my company’s best trading services, proprietary indicators, trading courses, special reports, and ongoing mentorship trainings with me.

My VIP Inner Circle Has It All.

Harnessing the collective strengths of these trade alert services can provide you with an unparalleled market advantage.

It’s a new way to potentially cash in on a hedge fund manager’s top-strategies, which this year alone have produced an average of 19 winning trade recommendations per month.

Bottom line, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in my Inner Circle. 

And to join, it only costs a small fraction of what a single year would normally run.

I’ll get to that shortly...

And I’m going to tell you about an amazing event that only VIP members get to attend for free.

Where you get to meet me in person…

Where I’ll pull back the curtain on these strategies…

And give you an exclusive opportunity to get a rare "inside look" at some of 
the amazing indicators and algorithms responsible for the success behind 
these extraordinary recommendations.

It's a level of access not even the most successful traders on Wall Street enjoy... but as a VIP member, your invitation is guaranteed.

Again, I'll have more on this shortly...

But first, let's take a few moments to take a closer look at the entire Altos Trading network and some of the trading services and indicators you will 
have available to you as a charter member of The VIP Inner Circle.

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #1
Put Writer Alerts

Published Price: $1,788 per year

Investment Class: Options

Average Recommendations per Month: 4-5

Types of Trades: Put Option Selling, Includes Trade Adjustments to Fix Losing Trades

Research Service Elements: Weekly Trade Alerts delivered by email.
The Put Writer service gives you 4-to-6 trade alerts each month designed to generate a credit to your brokerage account, with an average hold time of 15 days… simply by “Selling Puts” to bearish traders.

Let me show you our incredible record from 2023:
These results are based on selling 10 contracts per recommendation, and they are the exact alerts I delivered to my members in 2023.

Now of course, not EVERY trade will be successful, but we will use strict risk parameters – and often we can adjust losing trades and turn them into winners!

The Put Writer Alert Service normally costs $1,788 for a one-year term.

But by joining The VIP Inner Circle, you’ll be upgraded to a Lifetime Membership where this fee won’t apply to you.

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #2
Iron Condor & Credit Spreads

Published Price: $1,788 per year

Investment Class: Options

Average Recommendations per Month: 4-5

Types of Trades: Vertical Credit Spreads and 4-Legged Options, Includes Trade Adjustments to Fix Losing Trades

Research Service Elements: Weekly Trade Alerts delivered by email or text message

The Iron Condor and Credit Spread service targets 100% to 200% annualized gains on each trade, with an average of 4-5 recommendations each month. Take a look at the recent track-record…
Trading with Credit Spreads & Iron Condors offers you defined risk and significant profit potential like nothing you’ve seen.

Now of course, nothing is guaranteed and past performance doesn't mean future results. But you can see from the track records my readers have had opportunities like this over and over again.

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #3
BuyZone Stock Alerts

Published Price: $297 per year

Investment Class: Stocks and ETFs

Average Recommendations per Month: 1-2

Types of Trades: Small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks and ETFs

Research Service Elements: Monthly Trade Alerts with Entry, Stop-loss, and Profit Target levels along with annotated charts and why we believe the stock is set to soar in the near-term

My Buy Zone Alert service will uncover an average of ONE or TWO new opportunities for you each month.

Every month, I conduct an extensive analysis and find the top opportunities that have the best potential for success. Like these recent winning trades*:

• $775 on WPM
• $1,495 on NUGT
• $725 on NEOG
• $700 on RNG
• $300 on ACOR

*based on 500 shares

On average, we expect to find at least one of these high-probability opportunities per month (or more depending on market conditions).

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #4
Relative Strength Power Alerts

Published Price: $1,788 per year

Investment Class: Stocks
Average Recommendations per Month: 12-15

Types of Trades: Stocks and ETFs

Research Elements: 3-to-5 Weekly Picks delivered via email or text message.

The Relative Strength Power Trading system scans the entire market each week to identify the top-performing industry or sector. Then it generates 3-to-5 new picks to put on your watchlist. Take a look at some of these annualized gains:

For instance, RS Power Trading 
gave my readers the chance to hit the profit target on 94-of-118 recommendations in 2023.

That includes some of our recent annualized gains like:
Just to name a few!
If you’re working full-time, or if you’re retired, the time commitment is so low because we do all the legwork for you.

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #5
TradeTrend© Signal Software 

Published Price: $1,499 per year

Markets: Stocks, ETFs, Futures, FOREX, and Crypto

Research Elements: TradeTrend pinpoints long and short entry setups based on an algorithm that identifies momentum shifts and provides buy or sell signals up to THREE days in advance, along with trailing stop levels to help lock in profits and limit risk.

Take a look at this S&P 500 chart from October and November 2023…
Simply ‘buy’ on a confirmed green arrow, or ‘sell’ on a confirmed red arrow.

The signals can be used to make more informed and confident decisions up to 3-Days in advance for a wide range of Options strategies, stocks, futures, FOREX and crypto using the proprietary formula I’ve invented.

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #6
F.A.S.T. Money Trading 

Published Price: $1,997 per year

Investment Class: Stocks and Options

Average Recommendations per Month: 8

Types of Trades: Stocks and basic options (calls and puts)

Research Elements: Trade alerts, weekly updates, live weekly sessions
F.A.S.T. Money Trading is a powerful indicator that helps our readers trade with a VERY high degree of accuracy.

When you accept this invitation to join The VIP Inner Circle, I encourage you to review the exciting opportunities that are revealed in F.A.S.T. Money Trading.

You’ll receive two fresh opportunities every Monday…

Once you do, you’ll find that:

F.A.S.T. Money Trading rewarded 
members with 61 winning opportunities in 2023. 

Some of which include: 
And trust me, once you see how this system works, you’re never going to look at markets the same way again. 

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #7
Zillion Trading Dashboard 

Published Price: $1,497 per year

Markets: Stocks, ETF's, Forex, Cryptos, and Futures

Research Elements: Zillion is a proprietary charting, scanning and trading platform where you can instantly spot trading opportunities on over 5,000 symbols using our proprietary indicators and algorithms.

The process is simple and works in a “Top-Down” fashion, from the upper left of the screen.
The Zillion Trading Dashboard helps basically anyone cut down research time and find the best opportunities within minutes.

It allows you to quickly see the current market conditions and generates daily buy and sell signals, while confirming market direction with a proprietary chart “cloud”.

The system combines 12 indicators into one powerful tool that can be used to find opportunities in only minutes each day.

All in one simple yet powerful trading dashboard. 

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #8
Price Action Pivot Indicator 

Published Price: $588 per year

Markets: Stocks, ETF's, Forex, Cryptos, and Futures

Research Elements: This highly customizable indicator works on any chart type, asset class, and timeframe. It is available for multiple platforms and has been designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

Price Action Pivots are a highly effective indicator of future trend direction. They are a purely price-action based forecasting technique which allow us (with a high degree of certainty) to predict the most likely trend direction – before the move occurs.

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #9

I’ve just shared with you a selection of our five trading research services and my three powerful trading indicators.
You will soon have lifetime access to all of them.

Every year you will receive an average 
of 382 trade alerts, including…

52 Put Writer Alerts: 4-5 new opportunities each month (average of 52 a 
year), while limiting your exposure by holding a month or less.

52 Iron Condor Alerts: 4-5 new opportunities each month (average of 52 per year), with an average hold time of just 16 days.

24 Buy Zone Stock Alerts that will uncover an average of 1-2 new opportunities per month.

150 RS POWER Trading picks per year, an average of 3-5 picks per week.

104 F.A.S.T. Money Trade Alerts that will spoon-feed you my top-2 trade recommendations at the beginning of each trading week.

Lifetime access to my TradeTrend Indicator that generates buy and sell signals up to THREE days in advance of an anticipated trend.

Lifetime access to the Zillion Trading Dashboard including 12 powerful proprietary indicators, scanning, custom watchlists and unique statistical analysis that identifies the best historical days to trade.

Lifetime access to my latest invention, the Price Action Pivot indicator spots key trend changes and forecasts future trend direction on any asset and any timeframe.

Complete entry and exit instructions for every trade alert, as well as commentary and annotated charts.

Live training sessions: Every Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern Time. Each live strategy session kicks off with a comprehensive update on the current market environment. I walk you through key levels we're monitoring, the forecasted market direction for the week, and the top strategies that are currently working in today’s market. Also includes a Live Chat, so you can ask any questions in real time.

VIP Portal members-only access for new trade setups, education, and recorded video training sessions. You’ll receive a private login link that gives you direct access to everything.

Full support & training from me and my professional concierge team. In addition, you will have a unique opportunity to meet with me in person throughout the year.
Bottom line… you’ll never miss out on a new opportunity.

And you’ll always know exactly what to do, and why every trade alert is primed for maximum profit.

Now, if all of this wasn't exciting enough… you have to see this.

It makes your membership even more valuable.

The VIP Inner Circle Includes a Lifetime Membership to
Every Additional Trade Alert Service, Indicator and Course We Release in the Future

When brand new trading services and indicators launch in the months ahead, you will be the first in line to receive them. And as a VIP member, you will instantly save 20% on any product or service we release in the future.
In fact, the first 50 people that respond today will receive a special “Golden Ticket”.
In 2024, I’m going to release something really BIG – my most advanced trading system EVER.

The retail price for this proprietary system will be set at $4,995.

But if you’re one of the first 50 people in my VIP Inner Circle, you’ll get first access at NO COST.

And that’s not all…

The VIP Inner Circle Also Grants You Lifetime Access to
Every Investment Report We Release

When brand new trading services and indicators launch in the months ahead, you will be the first in line to receive them. And as a VIP member, you will instantly save 20% on any product or service we release in the future.

And that’s not all…

You will receive every special briefing my team releases for life!

How to Win 97% of Your Options Trades
How to Create Risk-Free Trades
How to Fix Losing Options Trades
Plus many more…
These reports are valued at up to $97 a piece, but you can access them FREE OF CHARGE as a VIP Inner Circle member.

You Will Also Receive a
Lifetime Membership to my
Professional Trading Series

If you decide to join today, you'll get my “Professional Trading Series Training”.

This 9-module video course contains over 10 hours of online content that will cover the basics of stock, options and forex trading, and includes exact instructions for our very best strategies.

You’ll even learn how to fix losing trades – the key that separates professional traders from novice traders.

Others typically pay $695 for this professional training.

But as a VIP Inner Circle member, this will be yours… FREE.
And here’s something else you’re going to love…

You’re About to Receive
Lifetime Apprentice Coaching

You will also receive access to my Tier-1 Apprentice Coaching.

This breakthrough coaching program can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary mistakes, physical stress of not knowing what to do, and years of time wasted trying to figure things out on your own.

Membership to just this one coaching service is valued at $997. And with the Altos VIP Inner Circle, it’s yours for life.

And in just a moment, I’m going to tell you how you can become one of 
just 50 out of over 50,000 Altos Trading readers whose accounts qualify for membership today.

But first, I want to tell you about something we’ve recently added to The Altos VIP Inner Circle “perks” we’re very excited about…

One that NOBODY else gets…

Not even the subscribers who pay upwards of $21,367 to receive the services you’ll get as part of your VIP membership.

Every year I’m going to throw a big, BIG party
to celebrate what we’ve accomplished.

I like to do everything big and bold. And this is a BIG opportunity.

If you take this seriously, I want to make sure you’re rewarded for it.

It’ll be called The VIP Trader’s Forum. But really – it’s going to be a very special event.

I’ll be there.
And so will my team of PhD computer scientists like Daniel Sinnig, Homa Javahery, and some other special guests. 
And of course, you – should you choose to join us.

You’ve never seen an event like the one we have planned for you.

It will be held at an exciting location, and we’re going to hold it somewhere different every year – San Diego, New York, Las Vegas – we’re going to mix it up.

You’ll meet, learn from, and spend time with me and my team directly, and we’ll be sharing some life-changing trading and investment ideas that you won’t hear anywhere else.

You're going to get an insider's look, firsthand, at all the calculations and algorithms that go into these proprietary strategies.

You'll see how my proprietary strategies work...

You'll learn how professional, high-level traders operate... what their daily routine looks like.

You'll see how I’m able to "read" the market... spot hidden opportunities... identify and execute multiple trades instantly... maximize my gains... and mitigate risk.

You'll go home with all the support and reference material you'll need to execute trades at a professional level...

You'll even have an opportunity to get an exclusive look at the actual algorithms and indicators and see how they help us find those big, fast gains I've been showing you!

Think about that for a minute.

My team and I have spent decades and a boatload of money on building these super-computer models.

We have a lab of technology developers, front-end and back-end developers, and designers.

We really have the leading experts working end-to-end in software engineering.

My Chief Technology Engineer, Daniel Sinnig, worked with IBM in the early 2000’s, designing a new database system that is still used to this day.

His partner, Dr. Homa Javahery, is a Ph.D. Software Engineer and Design Strategist. She has 7 patents, mostly US patents but also 1 in Canada, and 1 International.

And I’ve already shown you 3 proprietary indicators we’ve created.

Nobody… except these developers and the very small team that surrounds them ever gets access to them.

But as a VIP member, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close to them for yourself.

So how will this event work?

We’re planning one in a just a few short months. It will run over three days.

We'll give you plenty of advanced notice as to the exact dates so you can plan to attend. If you’re unable to attend, not to worry. Attendance is not mandatory and there will always be another one around the corner.

As I said, it'll be first class all the way...
At a beautiful resort, an amazing setting.

You’ll learn everything about how my trading indicators work… why they work… and how to use the basis of the strategy to help yourself and your family for the rest of your life.
You’ll see the technology in action…

You might even get to watch some trades being executed in real time.

This is a very big deal. Never before have I revealed the inner workings of 
our proprietary trading indicators to anyone…

Not even for the successful money managers and Wall Street traders, many 
of whom I know very well.

You will be among the first.

You’ll get a sense of the enormous amount of data behind every Altos Trade Alert.

You’ll see the system working – see how it helps me identify a new trade recommendation in real time…

And in the evening we’ll have an open bar with hors d’oeuvres.

My team and I will be there – along with some other special guests.

After an informal welcome – we'll raise a glass of champagne and toast to 
our success.

You’ll get to meet and talk to me and the team one-on-one.

Now to be clear, no personal financial advice can be offered – but you're certainly welcome to "talk shop" – ask questions about the strategy or 
investing in general.

I’m aiming to meet everybody face-to-face.

We’re going to build something big together.

So you’re going to learn a lot during this private, very intimate “bonding” event.

You may already know…

High-level trading research events that might focus on just one trading strategy can cost upwards of $9,500.

Once you're a VIP Inner Circle member, 
admission to our Trader's Forum 
won't cost you a dime.

Not the learning sessions. Not the group training. Not the gala cocktail party.

It’s all included in the VIP Inner Circle package.

You simply arrange your own flight and accommodations... and we'll take care of the rest.

And if you can't make it?

No worries.

We’ll be covering these topics on our weekly live Zoom sessions.

You'll have the same opportunity to get an inside look at what makes my trading strategies so successful.

And we'll give you priority access to the next VIP Inner Circle Trader's Forum so you don't miss out next time around.

So, you see, The Altos VIP Inner Circle is a "club" like no other.

From everything I’ve shared with you today I think you’d agree that…

The VIP Inner Circle is

You get hundreds of fast-paced recommendations every year…

You get a high level of access and training few people in the world will ever receive.

You’ll have a unique opportunity to form a very special bond with fellow VIP Inner Circle members and some of the top trading experts in the world.
Plus, you will INSTANTLY have access to

Every trade recommendation…
Every bonus report…
Every back issue…
Every conference call…
Every VIP mentorship training…
Every members-only video…

And first access to every service and every new course we release in the future at a massive 20% discount.

How Can I Get In?


The VIP Inner Circle is a membership for those who are serious about learning to trade and serious about making money.

It’s not for those with a “passive interest” in the markets.

The subscriptions and bonuses you’ll get immediately include…
You’re about to get it all… forever.

And this isn't the end of the benefits you will receive.

VIP Inner Circle Benefit #10

But here’s what’s really exciting…

It’s a LIFETIME membership.

It’s a Lifetime upgrade to everything I’ve listed above whether that’s one, 
two, five-years or longer.

And to join, it only costs a small fraction of what a single year would normally run.

And unlike most new members, you’ll never have to pay the retail price.

To recap, it would cost $21,367 a year to access all of our trading research services, personal coaching, and live training sessions.

If you were to subscribe to everything for just five years, that would run over $106,835.

However, since you are a loyal member of Altos Trading, I'm going to make you an even more exciting proposition.

For the next 24 hours, I'm offering you the opportunity to join my VIP Inner Circle at a HUGE discount.

This is one-time fee that grants you a LIFETIME membership to this unprecedented venture.

And I’m not talking about every year, either.

I’m talking about a single payment – a one-time fee.

And you'll never, I repeat NEVER, have to make another membership payment for any of the products and services in the VIP Inner Circle package.

And your investment in education may be tax deductible (consult with your tax professional). 

Plus, you'll never have to worry about this upgrade shutting off.

In fact, you can gift your VIP Inner Circle privileges to your heirs if you so choose. Because you are about to become a LIFETIME member of my VIP Inner Circle.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

There Are Only 50 VIP Inner Circle 
Memberships Available Today and 
I’ve Set Aside One For You!

It’s a tiny number considering over 50,000 Altos Trading readers – many of them active traders – will see this invitation.

But we keep our memberships limited on purpose. We want to make sure 
every member is given all of the tools and resources they need.

So we only open up enrollment a few times a year. Today, I’m opening up 50 slots. There’s no telling how long these spots will be available, or if I can add more down the road.

Fortunately, there’s still time for you to join.

If you act quickly and you’re lucky enough to get in… your benefits will start right away.

Within a few minutes you'll get a special welcome email from me with links 
to everything you need to get started – including the latest "open" trade recommendations from the five trade alert services.

And you'll certainly want to get started right away.

Because at the rate these trades have been coming... an average of 17 
winning recommendations per month this year…

There's a very good chance you could cover the cost of your entire VIP Inner Circle lifetime membership in just a few weeks.

And according to what Altos Trading subscribers have to say, it shouldn't take too long to recoup The VIP Inner Circle modest ONE-TIME (and never again) membership fee.
From average traders to the most savvy Wall Street veterans.

These trading strategies have been proven to work for people just like you around the globe.

So if you're tired of watching your account blow up…

Or staying awake at night worrying about your trades...

This powerful VIP upgrade could be the answer you're looking for.

However, I must stress this point again… you have to act right now.

We only have 50 spaces available today.

Remember, only the first 50 people to respond today will receive a special “Golden Ticket” to my NEW trading system coming out in 2024 (retail value of $4,995).

So let’s not wait another moment.

Simply enter your information in the short form below…

And congratulations on securing a spot in my VIP Inner Circle!

To Your Success,
Jeff Tompkins
Founder, Altos Trading LLC
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